About Us

According to the National Transportation and Safety Administration (NTSA) and the American School Bus Council, school bus transportation is the safest form of land transportation in the nation. (See http://www.schoolbusfacts.com/.)  Each school day South Madison Community School Corporation operates thirty regular education routes and eight special education routes.  Most of these routes are double runs, including a middle school/high school run followed by an elementary run. These buses travel nearly 3,000 round trip miles daily while transporting approximately 3,000 students. Of the thirty regular education routes, eight are privately contracted and twenty-two are owned and operated by the school corporation.

The South Madison Schools transportation department mission is to safely transport students to and from school in a respectful and caring environment. Our 38 route drivers, 8 special education aides, and all substitute drivers understand and support that mission. During the first few weeks of school we would ask for your patience and understanding as we get all new students assigned to buses, and drivers and aides get to know their students and stops. If possible, please wait until after August 31 to ask for any changes in routes or stops. We are always interested in any suggestions that will improve the safety or efficiency of our routes and/or stops.

Our primary need from parents early in the year is to assist us with training your students to obey the bus rider rules and responsibilities so that everyone arrives safely at school or home. Also, please have your students ready and waiting at their bus stops well before the bus arrives in the morning. We encourage you to get to know your bus driver and to communicate with him/her regularly concerning your child.


Points of Interest:

  • The annual transportation and bus replacement budgets total more than $2,000,000.
  • During the school year, corporation buses use over 7,500 gallons of diesel fuel per month.
  • The school district spends over $400,000 per year for special education transportation.
  • The district paid $353,334 for owner-operator (contracted) routes this past year.
  • District buses travel over 500,000 miles per year on daily student routes.
  • The eight special education buses travel over 150,000 miles per year.
  • District buses travel over 50,000 miles per year for field trips and athletic events.
  • The district boundaries include the three south Madison County townships of Adams, Green, and Fall Creek, totaling approximately 100 square miles.


For more information about the Transportation Department, or for specific bus route information, contact Candy Stewart, Director of Transportation, at (765) 778.2152 Ext. 1016.